Nutritional Supplements

A strong immunity protects against several diseases. It is essential to eat well to build immunity. But several nutritional supplements are also available to boost immunity in case of deficiency in diet.

Current experience has shown the males and females with strong immunity were able to deal with coronavirus far effectively than those with lower immunity levels. Even after getting affected with the virus, stronger immunity helped them to come back without major medical complications. So, boost your immunity with nutritional supplements to protect health and fight infection diseases.

Nutritional supplements


It is one of the most important minerals that help in boosting immunity. It fights off infection diseases to protect your body. The daily recommendation of zinc can be 8 – 11 mg for a normal adult. However, consultations are recommended to know the exact dose according to age, and deficiency of zinc in the body. The multivitamin tablets are also available that contain zinc.

Vitamin C

It is also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C boosts immunity and works as antioxidants. It is available in vegetables and fruits, but non vegetarians and those who do not take fruits may lack its presence. Sometimes it is lost during the cooking process. So anyone suffering from a weak immunity needs supplements to cover deficiency.


Selenium is a powerful immunity booster. It is found in Brazilian nuts, but the supplements are also available. The immunity booster from selenium is enough to prevent infections. A Brazilian nut offers the entire daily recommended value. Consultations are needed to get the right dose every day as per age, health status and other health parameters.


It is iron in blood that carries oxygen to cells and plays an important part in the immune system. Check with the doctor to know the level of deficiency and daily dose requirement. One of the easiest ways to know the deficiency of iron in the body is feeling tired throughout the day without apparent reason.

B complex vitamin

Vitamin B6 keeps the immune system in top condition. Take multivitamins with B complex. Take it as a part of your daily diet. Vitamin D, also known as sunshine vitamin, is an important nutrient for a strong immune system. People living in winter conditions often suffer from the vitamin D deficiency.

Medicinal mushroom

Recent studies have confirmed the immunity boosting role of medicinal mushrooms. Over 270 species of the mushrooms are studied for their immune boosting role. Studies have confirmed that supplements of mushrooms have improved immunity levels in groups under study.

There are other supplements that also play part in boosting immunity. Garlic supplement, curcumin, an active compound in turmeric, propolis that is a resin like material generated in hives by honeybees, etc also have strong immunity boosting properties.

Studies on male health have revealed that weaker immunity increases chances of common cold, flu and other infection diseases. Weak immunity also triggers the activation of stress levels in the males. The chronic attack on weak immunity triggers the inflammation tendencies in the body. The reduced size of blood vessels cuts blood flow to the heart and other vital organs. It also makes it difficult to get the sufficient supply of blood towards the pelvic area. The result is greater difficulty in the erection process. Such males are recommended 200mg Sildenafil Citrate by the doctor to deal with erection impairment.

Recent studies on the immune system have established the role of impaired immunity systems in male health. So, to avoid dependence on cialis 60mg Tadalaafil a higher dose for smooth erection process, males with weaker immunities should consume a healthy diet. A healthy diet will cover all aspects of health including a strong immunity. Citrus fruits , Brazilian nuts , salmon fish , chickpeas , cheese , red meat , spinach , beans , broccoli, iron fortified cereals , boost immunity naturally .It is right then there are several immunity booster nutritional supplements in the market. Consult a doctor to take the right dose that is needed for your daily requirement. Keep a gap of 24 hours, in case you are using other medicines or Levitra 60 mg Online. Consult the doctor to know which medicines react with supplements. Avoid reactions to prevent medical complications.

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