What to do after brake-up?


Are you not interested in these days of social media and you don’t even laugh at the best jokes! If you just want to be lost in someone’s memory then it is clear that you too are suffering the pain of breakup. But think if you have to remain sad then what is the benefit of breaking the relationship. It will be broken only if there is nothing left in it.

So it is important to learn how to break a breakup. That is, the mental stress of a breakup has to be learned to brake. First of all, you have to understand why this breakup was necessary and what the benefits will be from this breakup. Benefits have to be counted rather than losses. Remember that on the day you count the benefits, you will feel the pain of breakup rather than the pain of breakup.

Sometimes we fall in love and come to gather in relationship’s but we can’t handle them and then we start shouting on are partner and in there reason they braked up with us there is so many reason of brake up so now you need to come up from that shock so read this tips and apply in your life and make life batter then past , So let’s know what those five measures will be to make you feel good to overcome the pain of breakup. First of all remember that there is no day, time or special moment to recover from the pain of breakup. This has to be prepared immediately.

  1. As soon as possible after the breakup, delete all your memories. Messages, photos, contact numbers, even gifts and clothes given to an X. This will be the first step when you truly break the breakup.
  2. Learn to live with that thing or the same or by going to the room, not running away from your old days, but with that thing. Leaving the room or home does not end the memories, but when you start living in the same house or room, the memories begin to end automatically. Just do one thing. Decorate the room according to yourself and learn to live in it.
  3. Make yoga and meditation your partner. This is a weapon that will teach you to fight yourself. After a while, you will prepare a better answer to the questions arising from yourself and these will keep you calm and become a means of living a new life.

4. Learn to live the social life. Add connection again with your friends. Increase contact with the neighbourhood. So that more and more time you keep your mind busy and happy together. If you ask anything about your breakup, do not hesitate to give information about your breakup, but as much as necessary.

5. Even after all these remedies, if the pain of breakup does not come out of your mind, feel free to consult a psychologist or a psychological counselor. You will not even know when they will get you out of your pain in a better way.

Remember, pain increases by saving, but if it is determined to eliminate it, it remains. Read success stories and be as positive as possible.


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