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6 Warning Signs in Your Rental Agreement

Once you have found perfect apartments for rent in Lafayette, LA, you immediately want to sign a rental agreement with your landlord before you miss it. But, it would be best if you did not make such harsh decisions regarding Lafayette LA apartments for rent agreement because your haste can bind you with wrong terms.

The rental agreement is for the benefit of both the landlord and the tenant. Thus, you need to understand all your rights as a tenant before signing an agreement for your apartments for rent in Lafayette, LA. If you don’t want to sign the wrong agreement, you should detect the warning signs in your Lafayette LA apartments for a rent lease agreement. 

Non-Refundable Deposit

If your apartments for rent in Lafayette la agreement includes a clause for a non-refundable rent deposit, you should not sign such an agreement. Your landlord can demand advance rent deposit for three or six months as per the local state residential laws, but no one can waiver off your complete deposit. However, some rental agreements have a twisted legal language regarding the deposit money. Thus, it would be best if you properly read the deposit clause and even consult with your lawyer before signing the wrong agreement. 

Restricted Usage Rights 

Once you have found Lafayette LA apartments for rent, you have a full right to enjoy your rental property. Your landlord can’t restrict you from using certain parts of the property or impose any other kind of restrictions in the agreement. If your rental agreement states that you can’t invite visitors to your rental home or can’t get pets, you should not sign such an agreement because once you have rented a property, you are free to use it as you wish. If your landlord imposes ridiculous restrictions, you need to check your tenants’ rights. 

Maintenance Obligations

In the apartments for rent in Lafayette LA agreement, the tenant and landlord’s responsibilities need to be clear. It is the landlord’s responsibility to fill all the maintenance services, including plumbing, repair, roofing, and other maintenance services. However, if you have broken anything in the property, it is your responsibility to repair it. All the obligations need to be well defined in the agreement. If your landlord imposes all the obligations on you, it is wrong, and you should never scum to it. 

Unreasonable Penalties 

If your lafayette la apartments for rent agreement contains a clause where you have to pay an outrageously high amount in case of agreement revocation, you should reconsider signing such kind of agreement. Your boss can ask you anytime to move, and in this case, you don’t have time to notify your landlord. Thus, you should not sign an agreement where you have to pay unreasonable penalties to revoke your rental agreement. 

Waiving Rights to Sue Landlord

If your landlord void any term of your rental agreement, you have full right to sue your landlord. However, if any such clause is included in your rental agreement where you can’t sue your landlord for any wrongdoing, it is a useless agreement. This type of agreement is a violation of your tenant rights. 

Renewal of Clause Without Prior Intermission 

Your landlord can’t change the clause of the rental agreement without informing you in advance. If a clause related to the rental agreement renewal without your permission is included in the agreement, you should swiftly replace such kind of a clause. 

If you want to enjoy your stay in your rental home in Lafayette, you should properly check your rental agreement. After carefully checking all the clauses of the agreement and knowing your tenant rights, you should sign the agreement. Don’t make a rash decision of instantly signing the agreement.

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