5 Sure-Shot Ways to Make a Stunning Animated Video

What is Animated Videos?

Animated Video are the use of visuals with a voice over-attached to deliver a specific message to the viewer. With the latest enhancements in the marketing strategies, animated videos have always maintained its top position in promoting a brand or its product using eye-catching animations. Animated videos are largely being used across every corner of the world for different purposes such as demonstrative videos, promotional videos, explanatory videos, etc. Such videos are simple and straightforward carrying a specific message representing in a way that grabs everyone’s attention. Though creating an animated video may seem an easy task, it needs a systematic approach to create a successful video that reaches the target audience effectively.

The process of animated video creation needs high creativity skills and a structured set of principles that help in preparing highly engaging and captivating content. Let’s have a look at the tips you need when creating a fabulous animated video.

  1. Plan Your Project

The most effective way to create an impressive animated video is to first fully prepare your mind about the story you want to portray. If you aren’t clear about the story, a lot of time will be waste editing you work again and work, which will consume more of the time redoing video parts and even deleting the entire sections. Before creating a video, clear your mind with the questions like why you need the video, what do you want to achieve, who will watch the video, why should they be interested, how will you use it and how will it be delivered to the viewers. The preparation of these questions prepares you to deliver message-specific and engaging animated video.

  1. Know Your Target Audience

Keep in mind the particular audience for whom you’re creating the video, it can be your customers, visitors, members, prospects or colleagues. Narrow down your audience, be specific to a certain area and make sure why you are selecting them as your targeted audience. Make your audience well-identified by researching what video targets your current or potential website visitors. This video can make them aware of my products or services, by demonstrating the features of the software. It explains the functionalities of the web app, is it targeting customers who face problems regarding any particular feature. Once you determine the type of audience you are targeting in this video, it will be easy to create engaging content and sketch an impressive story line.

  1. Define Your Objectives

After the first two steps, it would be obvious why you need this video, but the major issue arises when you have to explain a certain topic to the audience. You know what you want to cover within the video but don’t understand the way to communicate it through the animations. Let’s suppose, you want to inform the targeted audience about your products, its features and the benefits they will get. Keep your focus on the message you want to represent, always remember that your video can’t be everything to everyone. Thus don’t generalize your objectives, rather refine objectives by setting specific goals according to the selected audience category. Your center of attention should be on how to convey the message in the best possible way.

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  1. Write A Script

Once you are clear with the objective and target audience of your video, the next thing is to start the preparation of your video content. Most of the videos have voice-over attached to the animations that narrate the story. This way to explain the video by keeping them engaged needs a strong script that primarily is the voice-over text for your video. Writing a script is always a creative exercise as it is the way you can captivate audiences and keep them stuck to your animated video. Narrate the story in a way as you are living in front of the audience telling them about the whole scenario. Consider video length, adjust your reading speed, use preferred text-editor and select understandable language.

  1. Storyboarding

After completing your script, the voice-over-text will play the role of your animated video’s backbone. Illustrate the complete story according to the animations, pictures, keywords and other meaningful objects placed inside the video. Don’t forget to make a list of the visual cues that you want to use in the animation tool that ultimately supports your storyline. The first sketch the scenes you want to add to a paper so you have proper ideas about how to organize each visual and words. Video animation makers ensure the correct use of animations and select the words that suit the animations without ending up creating weird video stuff. While you create the storyboard you would realize how you can use some sentences in a slightly different way.

In the conclusion we could state now that the above information is appropriate for users who want to develop a captivating video to get noticed instantly.

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