Top 5 Splurge-Worthy Appliances for a Smarter Home


Adulthood is when you realize Disneyland is not the happiest place IRL — home depots are. 

Building a house doesn’t start and end with construction alone. For a quality of life that sounds fulfiling and a house that makes a ‘home’, you must need some useful appliances to invest in. 

Ah, the smell of new appliances we’d love to unbox! 

As a savvy shopper, you want to make sure you find the best deals and steals for your hard-earned cash. Most of us would often ignore the more expensive things because we keep our eyes on the discounted ones. Nevertheless, low-priced devices can sometimes hurt you in the long run. 

As a general rule of thumb: When it comes to household items, you should always look for the long-term quality, which ofttimes reflects the price of the item. It doesn’t necessarily refer to everything you find in the house. 

There are certain things you can splurge or skimp on. For example, big-ticket appliances tend to outlive most of your home decors, which is why you don’t really have to spend too much on temporary accessories such as lampshades, paintings, or throw pillows. On the flip side, these are the appliances that you should never feel guilty about splurging on: 

Kitchen Appliances

These are the things that you will use regularly, especially if you have a family to feed. Items that are often used are more likely to wear out immediately; hence, you want to make sure that your cookware, as well as your stove, oven and refrigerator, can last a long time. 

High-quality kitchenwares would usually offer a lifetime guarantee so these are the things you should keep an eye out for. They may be pricier than the other brands but it’s comforting to know that you won’t have to buy the same items ever again.    

Exterior Door Locks

Door locks might not be on top of your mind but splurging on these items is a surefire way to keep your family safe at all costs. Most of us have probably experienced replacing low-quality door locks with another cheap item we can find. 

By sticking to cheap door locks, you are going to regret several replacements in the long run and this could also affect the quality of your doors. Invest in quality door locks that can stand the test of time so you won’t have to make hassle replacements every time.    

Motorised Blinds

Money can’t buy the convenience that these motorised blinds can give us. Aside from being handy, motorised blinds tend to last longer than any traditional blinds that require some manual pulling of cords to open and close, which is prone to wear and tear.  

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Don’t ever compromise the quality of your sleep with substandard mattresses. Sleep deprivation is a serious case, so you should always consider something that gives you a good night’s sleep even in the long run.   

Vacuum Cleaners

Today, you can easily find low-cost vacuum cleaners that are way cheaper than well-reviewed vacuums from Dyson and Kirby that both range from 400 to 800 dollars. But, if you prefer a vacuum that you can purchase for 50 dollars, then expect them to clean like a 50-dollar vacuum.

You can’t trust a low-cost vacuum cleaner to give you a cleaning job that a Dyson vacuum can provide when you are very particular with home cleaning and you have a relatively huge house at the same time. If you think you can’t afford these top brands, you can always find more affordable vacuums that can function as much as them.     


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