Superstitions & Taboos About Diwali That Every Indian Should Know

How To Decorate Your Home In Easy Steps During The Festival Of Lights

Diwali is a festival that is celebrated with utmost gusto and fervor throughout India. It is a primary festival that brings happiness and joy to the lives of all the Indians. The festival of lights and positivity is an age-old festival celebrated in India because, on this day, Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after getting triumph over the demon Narakasura. That is Why every Indian celebrates this festival with the utmost zeal to commemorate the victory of Lord Rama. This festival holds a ritual and spiritual significance for Indians, and they celebrate it by lighting daisy, candles, and lights in the houses. People also exchange amazing Diwali gifts and sweets with one another to express their love and affection towards one another. 

However, there are always superstitions around the very festival of India. Likewise, there are various superstitions that revolve around Diwali, that every Indian firmly believes and has been practicing. These superstitions are passed down to the generations for their ancestors, and that is why these superstitions have a strong grip over our cultures and traditions. You might have heard of these superstitions from your family too, but in case you haven’t, here are some of them which will leave you in surprise. So, let’s get started now!

  • Spiff Up Your House:

Indians start preparing for this five days long festival a month before. The transformation of the house takes place before this festival because it has been rooted in our tradition. It is days before the festival of Diwali; people decorate their houses with an assortment of lights, candles, and diyas. People clean every corner of their houses because it is believed that by cleaning their home, they woo goddess Laxmi and invite her to enter their homes for better wealth and prosperity. Also, people believe the more the lights will be; the less will be the darkness in their lives.

  • Footprints Of Goddess Laxmi To Welcome Wealth:

The festive vibes are further followed by the imprinting of footprints of goddess Laxmi in the entry of their houses. Also, some Indians also believe that Diwali is celebrated with great pomp and show because, on this day, Goddess Laxmi tied the knot with God Vishnu. Goddess Laxmi is known to bless her devotees with wealth and good fortune, whereas Lord Vishnu is regarded as the protector of the Universe. The mythology believes that the footprints of the Goddess Laxmi are the entrance of her in the house. It is believed that when the goddess enters the house, the residents of the house are blessed with immense wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.

  • Perspective Of Rangoli:

Well, Diwali gives you an opportunity to bring out your artistic and creative side of the person. If you have the creative and artistic bug within you, you better bring it out with a drawing of the rangoli at your entrance. Drawing rangoli on Diwali is an ancient custom where people draw the footprints of Goddess Laxmi to make her presence felt in the house. So, people use vibrant and rich colors to draw these rangolis and add colors to their celebrations.

  • Unbelieved & Unreasonable Diwali Superstitions:

Many people in India are blinded by the mystical myths that revolve around Diwali. For some of us Indians, there is no line for superstitions. In the name of spiritual beliefs, people tend to sacrifice the lives of innocent animals without considering their lives. The species of birds that are endangered because of these beliefs are Indian peacocks, Indians rollers, and owls. The underlying superstitions behind this practice are that it is believed that sacrificing an owl on the night of Diwali is very auspicious and brings good fortune in the lives of people.

  • Gamble To Attract Wealth:

People gamble on this auspicious day, which people wait throughout the year. It is believed that playing gamble on this day is a short cut to gain wealth and prosperity. People even bet their belongings for the game. This is a practice that should not be passed to the future generation but has been passed on to generations by our ancestors.

So, these are superstitions that every Indian is bound to believe. However, looking at the brighter side of the festival, it is still the most happening festival for Indians. Order Diwali gifts online and celebrate the festival with great pomp and show.


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