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Quirky & Thoughtful DIY Rakhi Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Sister

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival dedicated to brothers and sisters. The ceremony commences as the sister puts holy tilak on her brother’s forehead, followed by tying a gorgeous band called Rakhi on his wrist and offering sweets. Since it’s a trend that when sisters tie Rakhi brothers give them gifts in return. Although brother and sister bond is filled with teasing, fights and bitterness sometimes; but it’s the occasion of Raksha Bandhan on which everything else vanishes, and the sweet connection of love between siblings gets on full swing.

This Raksha Bandhan 2020 goes beyond the standard gift items and offers something creative made by yourself to your sister. The following DIY ideas are surely going to rock this Rakshabandhan. If you’re battling the ideas about self-made rakhi gifts online, then you’re at the right destination. We are all here with some terrific ideas for you. Here you go!

Photo Collage

The idea of gifting Photo Collage on special occasions is like never getting to be out of trend. You can make a photo collage with your sister’s pictures, family photographs, or you also can add photos of her best friends, alongside her special moments like winning an award, etc. – all such pics upon which having a mere glance can lift her spirit right away. Photo Collages are often made easily by sticking photos on the large wooden letters readily available in craft shops and also as online. The collage can be hung by your sister in her room. Rakhi delivery sisters can send Rakhi anywhere in India through express, where her brother stays on Raksha Bandhan.

A Recipe Book

If your dear sibling is keen on cooking and keeps securing different recipes, you can create a recipe book as a Rakhi gift for her. You can either take a print out of her favorite food recipes online or you can even write them in your own handwriting (only if you’re good at it) and arrange in files to send your personal recipe book to your sister. Stick files are readily available in stationery shops in several colors.

Customized Mug

Personalized mugs are quite suitable for gifts on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Simple ceramic mugs are readily accessible in various colors. With the help of enamel paint, you can create anything beautiful and attractive on your mug. You may also attach your Raksha Bandhan blessings to your sibling on the cup.

Magical Bottle for Small Sister

This could be one among the simplest Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for a younger sister. To form a magic bottle, take a transparent jar and fill it with water. To it, add glittering stars, transparent stones, confetti or anything glittery. While your sister starts shaking the bottle, there’ll be a magical shift inside the bottle with the glitter and when the bottle gets intact, everything will descend to the bottom. For sisters whose brother lives in another city can choose online rakhi delivery to bangalore to celebrate the ultimate festival of siblings.

Homemade Jewelry Rakhi Gift

There is nothing more than enough pearls and baubles for little girls. Help the brother tie a pair of colored beads in a ribbon or thread to make a small necklace or bracelet for his sister. Another advantage you will get with the thought is that it’ll also enhance his concentration and motor skills.

Raksha Bandhan greeting card

A simple yet attractive gift. You can easily make your own card either by drawing and coloring or by using the concept of quilling craft – an art form that involves the utilization of strips of paper or small cylindrical fabric folds that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to make decorative designs. It’s very easy to form where you’ll be able to convey your hearty feelings and love notes with colors over the canvas. Your sister would surely be amazed by such a stunning card that was made by you.

Go for any of the suggested gift ideas in this forthcoming Raksha Bandhan and make your sister happy! Moreover, amidst all the fun you’ve got together with her don’t forget to wish her Happy Raksha Bandhan while you will be giving your special Rakhi gift to your sweetheart


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