What Are The Different Types Of Website Created? Purpose Of Website

Types Of Website

The purpose of the website is made, not the same. Different types of websites have different goals. Depends on who the intended audience.

Some websites are directed to sell products or services. Meanwhile, there are also other websites, aiming to provide practical information. You can also find websites for entertainment.

So, the purpose of the website will determine the type or form of the website itself. Let’s look at some of the different websites out there.

Purpose Of Informative / Practical Websites

The purpose of information-centric websites is to convey specific and useful information to specific users/audiences. So that readers can learn something new or understand a topic better.

This type of website is directed at actionable information and may contain “how to do it”, tips and tricks, improvements, guides, support information, directions, instructions, etc.

A Destination Website For Entertainment

This website displays entertaining information for visitors. Online magazines, gossip-oriented websites, celebrity news, sports coverage, films, art, funny sites, etc.

This website is designed to be easy to navigate and frequently updated. So that users keep coming back to get more information.

They are made more interesting by using dynamic content, such as videos, podcasts, slideshows, etc.

E-Commerce Destination Website

E-Commerce websites are often called online webshops.

This type of website is usually perfectly optimized to achieve a high percentage of sales.To achieve success, e-commerce websites need to integrate all online closing & sales techniques.

There are many important elements that are used to build e-commerce websites. Such as loading speed, making the checkout process smooth and easy, making the website look attractive, increasing sales through related product features, giving buyers incentives, maintaining old buyers to buy again, remarketing to previous visitors who have not yet bought, using the right payment options, has a ready-made design, etc., etc.

Service-Based Business Destination Websites

The purpose of service-based business websites is to convince website visitors that, they must be customers of service companies.

This is done by positioning the company as a service provider that is reliable, trustworthy, and experienced in the online market.

Potential visitors, usually, will carry out some kind of analysis on the service provider’s website. By reviewing the website, before they take action such as calling or message.

During this process, they try to find the best company that will meet their specific needs.

They try to ascertain how skilled the company is, the quality of work they will receive, whether the provider has a good reputation and how long the company has been in business.

Visitors can be helped by giving them information and articles that show their knowledge, through; visual portfolios, videos, customer testimonials, and so on.

The Purpose Of The Blog

The purpose of a blog is to provide a website or web page that is updated regularly, usually run by individuals or small groups, written in an informal or conversational style.

Blogs can be started online very easily. Use a number of free services, such as WordPress, Blogspot, etc.

There are lots of personal and professional blogs out there that benefit reading.

Blogs can be for entertainment purposes, or used as online journals, or used by companies to keep their customers abreast of what is happening.

Social Media Destination Website

The purpose of social media websites is to make it very easy to share and connect with friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and even strangers.

Social media websites make a quick and easy effort to build a network of connections to stay connected, share daily experiences, photos, interests, preferences, etc.

Social networks can be used for personal and commercial purposes. Businesses use social networks to build direct connections with their customers, which allows them to get feedback about their products and services, and allows them to learn more about what their customers really need and want.

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