Printing Apparel Boxes for Summer Clothing Collection

The pandemic of 2020 has changed global shopping trends. Customers prefer making purchases online because of safety concerns. Have you upgraded your e-apparel store for providing a more interactive experience to the shoppers? If you are about to launch your summer collection, personalized apparel boxes are needed for displaying, delivering, and marketing the clothing items and accessories. You should get the boxes printed according to the theme of this season’s range. The packaging ought to be lively and insignia of your brand’s distinctiveness. You can astutely use it for building rapport with existing and new customers.

Coruscating custom apparel boxes carrying the casual and formal summer shirts, dresses, and pants would make the consumers want to explore your offerings. Colorful packaging would elevate the mood of buyers and they will be compelled into browsing through your clothing store to shop more. The boxes would serve as a reliable storage solution for the items made of delicate fabric. Utilize the space on the packaging for announcing flash sales, deals, and discounts of the week. The boxes would make your brand’s name, logo, and tagline memorable with the customers. You can pair your packaging with mailers designed with the same layout to boost your business promotion efforts.

Take a close look at the boxes used by your competitors for handling and shipping items. You have to come with a beguiling and better packaging idea to stand out.

Some Tips to get you started!

Have the Boxes Designed with Lively Details

Dull and bland packaging artwork would give buyers a notion that your brand has the conventional clothing items. The design of the boxes should be intriguing and inspiring to make the customers feel excited to check out your summer collection. Use blends of bright colors, relevant graphics, and funky font to add glam to the packaging. Get different box artworks made for casual, formal clothing and accessories.

2-Piece Custom Apparel Packaging

The box style for apparel items should be consumer-friendly and storable. 2-piece is a handy packaging layout with utility. You should compare the features like thickness, flexibility, and printing techniques for different stocks before making the material choice. If you want recyclable boxes for apparel, kraft paper should be your stock preference. The material is grown on trees and has biodegradability. Get the mailers printed with corrugated stock.


Apparel Boxes with Detailed Guidelines and Instructions

The packaging should have instructions about washing, ironing, and storing the various clothing items. Custom apparel boxes with insightful info would retain the texture and brightness of shirts, knee dresses, and bottoms. Customers like to buy from businesses that are scrupulous with taking care of their needs and concerns.  You should have your consumer support contact details printed on packaging as well for facilitating shoppers to make calls and send emails for queries, order tracking, and issues.

Packaging Republic can get your apparel boxes customized according to most recent trends and printing techniques. For quick order processing, fill in the website form or call the sales team. The printer doesn’t overcharge its clients for any of the services.

Packaging should have all the store locations so that buyers don’t have to search for your stores nearby. Use the boxes to your advantage for giving a sneak peek of an upcoming launch. Mention your Facebook and Instagram’s profile links on the packaging for engaging customers on social media and making your new offers noticeable.

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