5 Major PPC Bidding Strategies For The Businesses To Focus On

PPC Bidding Strategies

Over time, with the advancement in PPC marketing strategies, PPC bidding strategies have also changed a lot. Earlier manual bidding used to be dominating the market, but today the advanced bidding options have made it easier to bid within the desired budget.

Even if you find experts at a PPC marketing company in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, etc., you will witness that the experts are using different bidding strategies to get boosted results without hitting the budget. 

If you consider Google Ads, there are varieties of bidding options that can be used to hit your marketing goal. Some popular bidding options are listed below. 

5 Major PPC bidding strategies to choose for your ad campaign

1. Target CPA:

The best way to optimize your conversions is by using a target cost per acquisition (CPA) bidding strategy. Suppose you have a goal to achieve a maximum cost per conversion, you can simply choose this strategy and work on it.

In this strategy, Google will automatically set your bids for the campaign based on your CPA. Now you can’t work on this strategy unless you have good knowledge of acquisition costs. 

Cost per acquisition or acquisition cost is an amount that you can spend on acquiring your customer. The moment you put your budget for CPA, the search engine automatically performs the bidding for you and help you to attain higher conversions in no time.  

2. Target ROAS:

Another way to bid your campaign is by using the target ROAS bidding strategy. Target ROAS or return on ad spend is almost similar to the Target CPA. Instead of bidding based on CPA, bidding is done based on return on ad spend. 

The moment you set the amount of return you want to achieve from your ad, Google automatically starts bidding your ad accordingly. Certainly, this bidding strategy won’t work if you have a limited budget. 

Further, this bidding strategy requires a certain number of conversions to be eligible for this bid. Only if 15 conversions are processed in a 30-day time period, the bidding strategy works and with its best performance.  

3. Target impression share:

Next way to bid on your ad campaign is by using the target impression share strategy. In this strategy, you need to enter a target figure that you want from your impression share. You can even choose the position where you want your ads to appear for the desired impressions.

Google allows ads to appear on two promising positions – at the top of the page and at the absolute top of the page. These two position-metrics are used to set up your target impression share and similarly place your ad in the required position. Usually, the branded campaigns or successful brands make use of this strategy to advertise their business. It is definitely a great way to beat the competitors and generate mass traffic.

4. Maximize conversions:

So, you are happy with the growing conversions that you attain from your campaign. Don’t you think you should boost your conversions more to attain a stand out position in the digital marketplace? That’s where you need this maximize conversions strategy to bid your campaign.

Even if the campaign is performing well but you still have sufficient room to grow, this bidding strategy will be a great way to deal with your business. Obviously, for this, you should be ready to spend a good amount every day. But guys, it is always better to grow if you have a scope than to stay confined to limited space. 

With this bidding strategy, you can maximize your conversions and set bids that actually draw in high revenue for the long run. This strategy is usually preferred by ecommerce enterprises. 

5. Target enhanced CPC:

Manual bidding is not outdated. You can still use it in an advanced way. Enhanced cost per click (CPC) strategy allows you to combine manual bidding and smart bidding and set a CPC for the ad groups.

The moment you share your CPC, Google understands your requirement and bid the campaign accordingly, building more sales to your business. When the search is very competitive, CPCs are comparatively high. This lowers down the bidding as there is a very low chance of having quality conversions. 

Enhanced CPC bidding strategy is usually preferred on Google Display and Google Search campaigns. You can customize your campaigns along with your budget accordingly.


No matter which bidding strategy you choose, all of them tailor the business goal through your ad campaign. Why not give a trial? This will help you to compare the performance of your campaign and assist you in making a better decision. You can even seek the guidance of the experts at the best digital marketing company.

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