Life Under Coronavirus: How to Cope With the “New Normal”

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The past few months were like an adventure into the unknown. Today is not even an easy time for all of us, as we continue to live the new normal way of life. 

Some businesses are not reopening yet. Most employees are enclosed in makeshift offices at home. Students are doing online classes. Affected communities are placed on lockdown. Essential shops with home delivery services are in demand. But the most obvious transition is how everyone is donning a mask when going outside and then washing their hands obsessively once they get home. 

Adapting to change in the norms of life is not always easy and sometimes unwanted. The truth is that we all hate the way change is happening because it’s not easy to cope with something that is totally new or something that deprives us to live a normal life. While big transitions are jarring, let us not forget to focus on the big picture — our safety. 

Looking at the new normal, we see no reasons to feel safe and unconcerned. Hence, even if we hate it, the only thing we can do right now is to play with the new normal and hopefully win the fight against coronavirus disease. In other words, we need to make sacrifices in order to develop a coping mindset because, at the end of the day, it is our mental health that hurts the most as we face the uncertainties of life. 

In this article, you will find some curative advice on how to cope with the new normal and how to view it in a positive way through the lens of acceptance.   

It’s okay to take a break. 

Knowledge is power and it is good to be informed. But, it is also fine if you give yourself a break from news or conversations related to COVID-19 or anything else that stresses you out. Focus on happy thoughts, not paranoia. Because when you welcome the negativity in your mind, you become so hard on yourself and that is so not healthy. What you can do instead is to consider this moment as a rare opportunity to breathe, relax, and reflect. Once you’ve given yourself a break from too much pressure, you’d realise that it’s the very thing you need amidst all the chaos happening in the world.    

Focus on the things within your control. 

Life is not a race. Today, you might be frustrated by the limitations of the new policies going on due to corona virus, but that’s fine. A lot of people may actually feel the same way. Remember, if you keep on living against the new rules, then you are going to be frustrated for the rest of your life. For the meantime, try to appreciate the little things within your reach. 

Practice Acceptance.

Setting a realistic observation is one way of accepting the things that are available in the new normal. Learn to accept the situation, even if it’s easy to spiral in automatic negative thinking such as “This is terrible.” or “Things shouldn’t be this way.”. We’re not suggesting to force yourself in believing such toxic possibility that everything happens for a reason. You can always learn acceptance little by little. Start by accepting your family members in order to keep peace in your home. When you learn to accept things one by one, you can eventually welcome the ‘new normal’ as a whole.    

Adjust your expectations. 

Another best way to accept the new reality is to lower down your expectations. I know you are missing out a lot of plans in your life when lock down rules came in. They could be plans for getting married, buying luxuries, or going somewhere. You’re fortunate to miss all these things. Because you’ll get to appreciate them more when they finally happen in the future.   

Set a routine. 

It will be easier to get used to this new normal if you try setting up your daily routine. Aside from doing work or school stuff, you can also incorporate a scheduled time for your physical and emotional health. Find fun and creative things at home with your family as you all get through the day. Remember that you are not alone in the coping process!   


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