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When you buy a new car, your tyres are at the peak of their performance level. However, over time, their performance level is reduced due to certain factors like heat, weather, driving style, and road conditions.

These problems generate certain problems that are responsible to damage your Car Tyres.

Notably, it is considered risky to drive your car with damaged tyres. Therefore, you must be aware of common tyre problems to fix them at the right time.

Fixing these problems may include repair but mostly, it is necessary to change the tyres.

If you do not know much about the tyre issues, do not panic because we have listed the most common tyre issues that you must avoid to ensure safety and performance.

Let us start!

Camber wear

Cambered tyres may take place due to broken springs, damaged control arm bushings, misaligned suspension, or damaged struts. Camber wear may be observed when the inside or outside edge of tyres are more worn than the other areas.

Improperly inflated tyres

Surprisingly, many car drivers do not consider improper air pressure in the tyres as a serious issue. Excessive or insufficient air pressure in your tyres may create many serious issues like uneven treadwear, blowouts, increased ageing or damage etc.

Balding tyres

Balding is a clear sign that your car tyres are ageing. Reducing depth of your tyre tread indicates that your tyre needs a change. You know it or not but your tyre tread depth should not go below 1.6mm in the UK. If your tread depth has crossed the legal limit, you should immediately stop driving your vehicle and replace the tyre as soon as possible.

Slow punctures

Slow puncture is also a common issue that you may catch by observing the changing behaviour of your vehicle. if you observe that your car pulls to a particular side or you find a nail or other sharp object stuck in your tyre.

Moreover, you may observe that the air pressure of the suspected tyre goes down quicker than the other tyres. Slow punctures are repairable in most cases.

Bulges and cracks

Observe the sidewall of your tyre. If you look at the signs of bulges or cracks there, it is sure that the life of your tyre in danger. Driving on bumpy roads weakens the structure of your tyre and the visible result is the occurrence of these cracks and bulges. In this situation, you need only replacement and not repair.

Misaligned tyres

It is not easy to detect a misaligned tyre. Most drivers observe this problem when they see their tyres are wearing on one side than the other. You must check the alignment of your tyres regularly with the help of a trained car repair technician.

When you think you have to replace your tyres, you can try some reliable tyre dealers to get cheap tyres fitted with no compromise in quality. You should note that good maintenance increases the lifespan of your tyres and reduces the chances of common tyre issues.


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