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Is Parquet Flooring Suitable For Kitchens?

If you’re like others, then you may be surprised to learn that parquet flooring is not suitable for kitchens. Yes, parquet flooring Dubai does look elegant and beautiful when placed in a country or formal dining room, but when you place it in your kitchen, you are placing it on a wet floor that will encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Who prefer to use bathroom tiles?

When you’re among those people who prefer to use bathroom tiles and linoleum in your kitchen rather than tiles and parquet, then you may be inclined to believe that Dubai Parquet flooring is suitable for kitchens. However, what you may not know is that floors made from this type of material will not be waterproof and will, therefore, absorb liquids, including water.

Attach the panels to the sub-flooring

These types of floors not designed to prevent damage caused by spills as well as stains. Some liquid may soak subflooring and in the pad and glue used to adhere the panels to the subflooring.

Using other types of flooring

If there is an area where a person could slip and fall, it is most likely the part of the floor that has a porous surface. If you intend to install parquet flooring in your compartment kitchen, it would be advisable to consider using other types of flooring such as tile or linoleum for your kitchen.

Affecting the quality of the floor

One of the most important points that you should keep in mind is that the sub-flooring should be sealed at all times to prevent moisture from seeping in and drying out the floors. That may seem like a tedious chore to take care of, but if you have installed a new sub-floor or changed the tile and have had it for some time, you should consider sealing it. It is possible to find sealants that are designed specifically for kitchen use or for areas where they are required, and these sealants will prevent moisture from affecting the quality of the floor.

You don’t want the flooring destroyed

Parquet flooring can be great for kitchens because it can easily replace or repainted when conditions dictate. Kitchen tiles, however, will need to be laid properly. That is not always possible with a new installation of parquet flooring because you do not want to ruin the flooring.

Use of measuring tapes and accurate level

Installation of tiles and linoleum is not always an option if the kitchen flooring is already present. You can likely do it yourself. Still, some methods will be necessary to properly lay the material, including the use of measuring tapes and accurate level so that the floor is properly level.

Contact a professional instead

When installing parquet flooring in kitchens, it is essential to make sure that the floor properly sealed at all times. Please do not attempt to seal it yourself, contact a professional instead.

Affected by water that spilt

You will also want to cover it with matting or covering when cleaning up after meals. That will protect the floors from dirt, debris and spills, and it will also be useful for sealing it in case the floor has been affected by water that spilt.

Replacing it with a matching one

If you wouldn’t get a parquet floor installed in your kitchen but want to replace it anyway, you can still do so. You can do so by removing the old flooring and replacing it with a matching one.

That is not possible with a parquet floor

What is also nice about this option is that you can use the same tiles that you had before. You can also choose a design that complements the style of the current kitchen in a way that is not possible with Wooden flooring Dubai.


Not everyone will be interested in changing their kitchen so often as that can be quite expensive. However, with the proper care and attention to detail, you can still have a kitchen that is as appealing as you want it to be.

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