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Golden Rules of Buying a Rug

People say you can live without a rug, but that life would be boring and empty of plush softness that a good area rug offers you. A rug can easily put your room décor together and complete it. Plus, it is really good for you to dampen the sound in the room and make sure nothing hurts your tender toes. Nothing feels better than a good rug under tired feet.

While rugs feel good, they are perhaps one of the hardest and the most expensive home décor items you will purchase for your house. Although you can choose a west elm UAE discount code to cut the price down, there are far more things that you need to consider when you are looking for the perfect rug for your room.

You need to look at the cut, the style, the size, the color, and the plush level. Plus, you also need to consider the time and elbow grease you are considering to put into maintaining your rug. If you are ready for all the extra hard work then there are some golden rules of rug buying that you need to consider.

Here are the golden rules of buying a rug that you need to consider, especially when you are using a west elm UAE discount code.

Choose the Right Size

The first rule of buying a rug is choosing the right size. It will not look good when your rug is too small for your room and it will look horrible if the rug is larger than your room. In either of the cases, the loser is only you. The size of the rug highly depends upon its placement and the size of the room.

Generally, a bigger rug looks very good. You can partially place your furniture on the rug and bring a cohesive look to your room. However, a smaller rug can be used as an accent. But you need to make sure that you don’t have a too-small rug as well. To avoid any confusion and bad decisions, take out your measuring tape, measure the area, and then make the purchase with your west elm UAE discount code.

Think Aesthetic Appeal

Think about the aesthetic appeal of the rug and only choose the one that fits your room décor. There are many textures in rugs and each of them looks different. If you are placing your rug in a high traffic area, you need to look for a wool rug because they are easier to clean and very easy to maintain.

However, if you are putting your rug in a bedroom, consider silk or a shaggy rug. They feel wonderful under bare feet and look great as well. If you have babies, they will love it and so will your pets. However, make sure that your pets have trimmed claws.

Look for Durability

You don’t need a rug that will die on you after a couple of months or years. If you are looking for durability and reliability, you need to get a rug made from acrylic yarn or wool yarn. These are both durable and very easy to clean, but what is amazing about these two rugs is that they are good to be used inside and outdoors as well.

Usually, these are colorful rugs so you can even add them to your kids’ room. However, one thing that will make your rug more durable is by having them cleaned by a professional cleaning service. You don’t want to destroy your expensive rug because you didn’t wash it properly.

What More Should You Know?

There are many different materials when it comes to getting a new rug. The materials include Jute, Synthetic, Wool, Cotton, and Silk. All of them have their pros and cons, which is why you should heavily ask for consultancy so that you make the right decision.

Make sure that you clean the area where you want to put the rug on before buying one with a west elm UAE discount code. Always make sure that you have a code to score a discount. When you are buying a rug, make sure you test between different types.

Keep rotating your rug at least once a year so that it doesn’t wear out from multiple areas. Always vacuum your rugs properly and with care, especially when you get a rug with a west elm UAE discount code. Look for gentler vacuum attachment that you will use manually and overall make sure you don’t make your rug over shed. However, remember that in the first few months of use, the rug will shed.Some rugs are machine washable, but always make sure you read its label so that you don’t ruin your rug by mistake. If you spill something on it, spot clean it immediately. And while you are at it, get a rug pad with your west elm UAE discount code to add to the longevity of your rug.

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