Should you Care about Colors when Designing Custom Soap Packaging?

soap packaging

Marketers have been using colors to their advantage for a long time. One of the primary use is to enhance product packaging. Numerous studies have already shown that colors can evoke emotions and feelings. Companies have been persistently using color psychology to influence potential customers’ buying decisions. If done right, colors can effectively promote your brand message by arousing certain emotions or make someone think about your brand in a certain way. 

To help you harness the power of color psychology for creating your very own custom soap packaging, here the Legacy Printing has outlined how the use of colors affect your packaging.      

Colors Evoke the Right Emotions and Feelings

When used effectively, colors arouse the right emotions and feelings of the customers. This can prove beneficial for companies that are keen to grow their sales by attracting customers through enthralling colors. If your product is centered around people or adorable animals, you can use the hues to provoke the sensations through your exquisite packaging design. 

Here is a list that shows how some common hues influence buyers: 

  • If you want to induce happiness and optimism, yellow is the way to go. 
  • To project trust and reliability, many leading brands opt to use blue.
  • If your brand wants to project creativity, purple is your color. 
  • Brands that fall in the health and growth sectors use green to convey serenity. 
  • Gray is another favorite among brands that love to portray calmness and balance. 
  • Red helps provoke passion and excitement, which makes it ideal for targeting youth.

By developing an understanding of how colors speak to your consumers, companies can develop their custom soap boxes accordingly. Whether your brand is looking to stir emotion, passion, or tranquility, hues have an indispensable role in carving an impression.  

Colors Help Diversify your Brand Message

Distinguish your brand message from the rest by embracing intriguing colors and enhance your message. This will have a more significant effect on your target audience. However, if the color of your custom soap packaging fails to be in line with the message you are trying to convey, consumers won’t pay heed to your product and more likely end up buying from your competitor.  

For instance, if a brand that claims to care about mother nature but does not have a sustainable packaging solution or a climate change statement in green color on the side of its packaging, it won’t resonate with the eco-friendly audience.   

Using the right colors allows you to highlight your message. This can prove fruitful for brands competing in highly competitive markets. For example, a new soap brand that is trying to communicate trust can use the color blue. But if the intent is to grab customers’ attention in the retail aisle, then a bright hue like red can draw the eyeballs.  

Different hues convey different meanings. For example, blue is often used to project the ocean or sea. Likewise, hot red is used to project fire and passion. Typically, people think of what the image depicts.

Colors Can Change Consumers’ Perception

Since colors can unify your brand message and evoke the right emotions, you can use them to create a positive image of your brand. Positioning your brand is extremely important in a highly saturated market to ensure consumers comprehend what your brand is, and what it offers. For instance, black or royal blue is used to position your brand as expensive or luxury. If you manage to combine all the elements successfully, you can have an ultimate marketing tool to promote your brand and products.

That said, designing custom soap packaging might seem simple on the surface, but it’s a complicated process that demands attention and time. Professional packaging companies understand the requirements and challenges of creating a functional packing. They pay grave attention to every detail and ensure you get a winning solution. So choose a packaging partner that can effectively blend colors and deliver effective packaging.      


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