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Have you read the lipstick names printed on the custom cardboard boxes lately? They are quirky and fun! Lipstick brands do not make use of numbers and alphabets anymore to name the shades of the lipsticks anymore. Instead, they use fun names, which are also printed on the custom lipstick boxes. Personally, I think these are easier to remember than the numbers which were printed on the bottom of the custom lipstick boxes. Here are some interesting facts about lipsticks you might have not known before. After all, they are not printed on the custom cardboard boxes! Did you know that there is a National Lipstick Day? It falls on 29th July. More than half the population of women use lipsticks for preening. But it is not a new product in the cosmetic industry. It was first invented by the primitive civilization settled between Kuwait and Iraq. 

Custom Cardboard Boxes for Lipstick

custom cardboard boxes

There were no lipstick boxes available for women in the olden days. They were not available in the solid form as they are today. It was Al-Zahrawi, an Arab who first made a solid lipstick while experimenting with solid perfumes. It was similar to what we use today. It still did not come in tubes or lipstick boxes. In fact, the Egyptians used to add gem powder to their lipsticks to make them more glamorous. Both men and women in Ancient Egypt used to wear makeup. You might love flaunting your red lipstick with its fancy name printed on the custom lipstick packaging, but the truth is that Cleopatra was the first woman to flaunt the red lipstick. This trend was later on caught by the nobles and became popular all over the world. 

The first lipstick was commercially produced in the year 1828. Even that did not have proper custom lipstick packaging. It was wrapped in wax paper. The long-lasting lipsticks were invented by Hazel Bishop. These lipsticks are easily identified as their custom lipstick boxes bear an indication of the same. Back when the red lipsticks were not available as readily women used to suck on a lemon to make their lips appear red. Countless cosmetic products are packed in custom cardboard packaging. Even those companies, which are trying to minimize their packaging opt for custom printed sleeves to add to their products that carry their branding identities like logos, tagline images, etc. Custom cardboard packaging is a cost-effective tool that is print-friendly. If biodegradable stocks are selected to craft custom boxes they will be environmentally friendly as well. 

Custom cardboard packaging plays a significant role in branding the products. Cosmetic companies can hire the services of packaging designers to make their custom boxes stand out on the market shelves. These products can provide instant information to the target audiences answering their basic questions through packaging and compelling them to make a purchase. The add-ons and the exclusive finishes further refine the looks of custom cardboard packaging. Some companies select loud branding themes to make sure their product breaks through the clutter to reach their aimed target market. Others go for minimalistic themes. Creative themes are designed according to the preferences of the selected target audiences. The creative themes for men’s custom lotion boxes almost always are developed in the shades of grey, blues, blacks and white. But custom lotion boxes for women come in every color possible. 

Lotion boxes come in all kinds of packaging. Premium brands often go for the trending solid-colored packaging in lotion boxes that emphasize on their signature corporate or brand color and logo. Custom packaging also uses trending features like hot foil stamping on these boxes. Certain elements of the custom packaging boxes can be highlighted using Spot UV. It can also create hidden logos on the packaging. Smooth, glossy shine can be added to typography printed to make clear and readable. If you are cosmetic brand searching packaging options check out more with ClipnBox. 

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