Content Marketing Tools You Should Use for Your Business in 2020

No business can grow without a content marketing strategy. You should follow the strategy by using Content Marketing Tools to create relevant, engaging and informative content and promote it across different channels. However, it is challenging to make the most of content marketing strategy. You will have to analyse whether your plan has the potential to drive results if it is not generating enough leads, where you are lacking and how you can mend the problems.

You can understand it by evaluating likes, comments and shares of your posts on social media platforms, but sometimes it is not enough to track your progress. Sometimes people find your posts engaging, but they do not buy your product or service. The ultimate goal of content marketing strategy is to increase leads. If you are not able to generate leads, your content marketing strategy is not practical.

To figure out what is slipping through, you will need email marketing software. These tools can help you get an idea of what people are looking for, what you should write, what keywords are ranking, what kind of posts are mostly read and seen, how many people are being converted, and the like. Here is the list of top content marketing tools you should use to make content marketing strategy successful.


BuzzSumo is the perfect marketing tool to know what topics you should choose to write. Millions of marketers use this tool as it can help you find which content will perform best and which will sink. It can generate a couple of ideas about topics you should write about and monitor the performance of the content you create for your target audience.

Use this tool to get an insight into what type of content is shared across all social media platforms. Get to know what content the influencers are generating. You will likely find a drastic difference between your strategy and influencers’.

BuzzSumo will also help you get an insight into your competitors’ strategy. Whenever they upload a post, you will get notified. Evaluate the topic, writing style, information, presentation to get an idea of what is blowing away their reader.

By analysing the content performance of your competitors, you will have an idea where and how you need to improve.


For a good content marketing strategy, you will have to brainstorm a couple of ideas beforehand. Having topics in advance will not you let struggle to decide what to write about next. Evernote is an excellent tool to organise points and plans for future content. You can access Evernote anytime from any device. Evernote is a single place to keep ideas, notes and lists.

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If you are writing a blog, you will have to introduce images not to make your content boring. No user would like to read plain text, no matter how informative it is. Images make content engaging as well as readable.

Sometimes, you pick images from Google for your blog posts, but it is not acceptable because of copyright issues. This is why you will need a tool to create images for your content. Photoshop is well-known, but it is not a cup of tea for everyone because it is expensive. Thanks to Canva that can help you create new images without costing an arm and a leg.

The tool has pre-built templates so you can create something engaging without putting in a lot of efforts. You can use any layout that suits your needs. It has a wide range of layouts for fulfilling the needs of each platform. Whether you want to create a banner for your Facebook or Instagram, you can pick a design as per your needs.


To make the most of your content marketing strategy, you will have to monitor the performance of your content: whether it is engaging your users or not.

An all-in-one tool assists you with everything from content marketing to lead generation. Uberflip allows you to manage everything – blogs, videos, social media engagement – simultaneously.

It is equipped with artificial intelligence features that will help you understand what your audience wants to hear from you. You can get an insight into what content is streaming and what is falling out of the reader’s approval.

Uberflip can personalise your marketing across all channels, but do not forget to keep an eye on your competitors.


SEMRush is a tool that will let you have an insight into keywords you should target in your content to drive traffic and generate leads. You will also check your competitor’s keywords.

SEMRush can help you with a technical SEO audit, backlinks analytics, semantic core collection, improving the results of your PPC, and building the most effective social media strategy.

Tools mentioned above can help you make your content marketing strategy successful. If you are a start-up, you should use these tools for faster and better results. In case of a shortage of funds, you can take out loans for unemployed with a reputed direct lender British Cash Loan.

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