Can Shopping Brighten a Sad and Miserable Day for You?


Shopping is the activity in which you buy things, clothes, shoes, groceries and even furniture, for yourself or someone other you.

Buying all the items would require you to expend money, sometimes a lot of it. It is the only aspect of shopping that has a somewhat negative tint to it.

However, I say that the sole reason as to why we labour around five to six days a week is for ourselves. If we can’t celebrate our hard work with a shopping spree once in a while, then what is the purpose of it all?

So here I am, letting you know that shopping is not something you need to shy away from; instead, you should embrace it and make it work its magic.

Let us delve right into it.

  • Cheer Your Upset Mother

My mother is compassionate. She gets upset on the tiniest of inconveniences, and when I forget to call her all week, the level of upset I will receive might make me cry.

I am sure all your mothers would have a similar kind of programming. Motherhood and its consequent feelings are universal.

So, when a person receives a distressed call from his mother and decides to visit her, shopping for her will make you feel better and her as well.

Buying her favourite flowers, getting chocolates for her, or a silver bracelet or necklace for her will make her beyond happy.

She would forget the reason as to why she was upset, and her pleasant smile will make the shopping trip worth it.

  • Elevate Your Self Worth After Work

All of us have experienced a day at work wherein the boss was extra savage on your or your entire team. Bosses are known for their verbal bashes.

After hearing all of the not so beautiful things that your boss has to say about you, you would inevitably feel inconsequential.

Shopping can help you make that feeling go away and elevate your self-worth by a substantial amount.

Buying a power suit that is tailor-made for you can make you feel extremely powerful.

Shopping for the famous red sole Louboutins will enhance not only your height, but also your confidence.

Wearing a classic Daniel Wellington watch may start turning time in your favour.

Shopping will make you forget all about the boss’ words as soon as you step into a Sephora store.

  • Feel In Control of Your Life Isn’t

Life is beyond anyone’s predictions. You might get your dream job or might have to settle for something you never wanted, nobody can know.

However, shopping is one activity that can give a semblance of control that is unfound in everyday life.

You can go to a store and browse and try all the outfits in it. You may even like a few, but there will be no compulsion for you to buy an item.

You can say no and walk out, nobody can, and nobody will stop you.

On top of this the constant attention of the sales executives, who might even give you their life, if you asked, makes you feel more empowered and in control.

If you want to approach text loans to make is purchase or take the credit card route is again your choice. The feeling of control I get in shopping makes me want to indulge in this activity again and again.

  • Get In your Steps with a Sitting Job

Shopping can be beyond tiring. Searching an entire mall for that one perfect outfit or bag will give you a week’s worth of cardio.

Trying going shopping with a would-be bride for a week, you might want to cancel your gym membership with the amount of cardio you will have done by the end of the week.

Winding Up

In the end, all I want to say is that shopping has more benefits than you can imagine. It is a great source to improve your mental health.

Retail therapy has been researched so much that the doctor’s know for sure that it can assist a person in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

Tell me how a person can stay upset after wearing a £200 outfit that makes her look more regal than the queen? So, yes shopping will brighten any shadows that life may cast on you.


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