How to Buy Emperor Headboards

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The best time to add a headboard is when you are getting ready to put in the existing headboards or when you are trying to add a new headboard. But, this is not true of all the furniture in your home, right? If you do have a emperor headboard in the living room, for example, it would be a shame to let it go and buy a new one just because the old one has been misplaced or taken out of use. Luckily, there are solutions that will help you get the headboard back where you left it.

Easy to install and remove

Emperor headboards are easy to install and remove. Simply find a screwdriver, a washer, an eight-foot piece of string, and a screwdriver tip. With those tools in hand, start off by removing any excess padding on top of the headboard, including any pillows, throw pillows, or even anything else you want to get rid of. It might take a few attempts at this before you get it right, but you are definitely making progress when you are able to remove all that padding! Now, with the padding removed, locate any loose screws, fasteners, or snaps and remove them as well.

Screws are easily removed, but you need to remember that it’s important to be very careful when removing these parts. You don’t want to inadvertently pull something out of the headboard itself – you could seriously damage the headboard and ruin the entire thing. You should also remember to keep your fingers away from the screws as you are removing them.

Find Assortment that matches with Headboards!

The next step is to find some sort of assortment that matches the material of these headboards! The easiest way to do this is to find matching pieces of furniture with the same type of emperor headboards style and color. If you cannot locate similar pieces, then look in the furniture section of your local furniture store.

If you find matching pieces, you can then begin to measure the length of these headboards to match the pieces you have chosen. This measurement should be taken against the top piece of the headboard as well as the length of the bottom piece. You should make sure that the length you find is not too short or too long! You do not want to have an uncomfortable amount of room at the headboard’s ends if you have the headboards being used for sleeping.

When measuring, remember to note any wrinkles or any other changes that may exist on either end of the headboards. You do not want to cut any of this material off of course! So, take several pictures and try to take a picture of each side of each piece to see exactly what the wrinkles look like. This way, you can compare and contrast and see if any of the Emperor’s headboards will need to be made a bit shorter or longer.Sofa Abu Dhabi provides best quality of headboards.


After measuring, you should be ready to find a matching set of emperor headboards. Again, there are some stores that have a great selection but not all of them will have them! Take your picture and take a look at each store to see what kind of headboards they have. Make sure that they have the same measurements as the Emperor’s headboards! After you have found the right ones, go to the store and find the sales associate to help you make the purchase. Make sure to check the return policy before you pay for your purchase. Some stores will only allow you to return items you don’t like and that you don’t really feel comfortable with. This is something that you have to make sure of.


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