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Lockdown has been done in the country to prevent the growing infection of the Coronavirus. In such a situation, there are many apps for students, including UGC, where you can study online. For studying at home, you can plan your day like this.

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There was a website called textsheet where students used to get valuable knowledge, but unfortunately, its no more know.

Because of the increasing danger of corona infection, the government has done a 21-day lockdown. In such a situation, there are many apps, including Biju, through which you can continue your studies. If you are preparing for any competitive exam, this is the right time for you to find the right time for both offline and online reviews.

IAS aspirants should choose the right websites to prepare for the ISS exam. Here we are providing a list of some sites which can prove helpful in preparing for the IAS Exam.

The topics are much easier to understand with online preparation, as it has many interactive and useful websites for study … After Quantitative Aptitude, this section of the SSC exam has the most time consuming confusing questions.¬†

E-learning is the most significant information revolution in education today. The online information database is continuously updated, so it provides an excellent opportunity for IAS aspirants. Although online learning has its limitations, the advantages associated with it are still unique.

Due to the closure of all educational institutions, the studies of students studying in colleges and universities have come down. They are now able to read-only through an online medium or their books. Keeping this problem in mind, the UGC has given ten links to get audio-video and text content using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). At the same time, there is a facility for teachers to read the research journal through the portal. Here we are giving links to all such websites.

Students will get content on these links:

E-content courseware in your subject

E-content for 87 undergraduate courses can be found on the website 24, 110 e-content modules are also available on the website.

UG / PG Mocks:

You can read UG and PG (non-technology) courses at

Research Ganges: There are more than 2, 60,000 thousand e-thesis on this website.

CEC-UGC U-Tube Channel: This is a YouTube channel where you can watch the lecture for free.

Self Online Course:

On, students can study various programs at the UG-PG level without registration and without paying fees.

Scholar: This website is for faculty. There is also information about funding on the site.

E-research Indus: There are more than 15 thousand core journals and peer review journals on this website. Teachers can also take advantage of this website, along with research scholars.

E PG School:

On website, students can continue studying at PG level through more than 23 thousand modules.


Studies are being conducted in all the Disciplines of UG-PG level through 32 DTH channels on the website


If you are searching for online academies 92campus is the best solution you can learn online Quranic and academic subjects at 92campus. 92campus is offering free 3 days trial of Learn Quran Online give it a try and check how they work and how they teach.

Plan your time table like this

Himani Khanna, the co-founder of the Development and Behavioral Pediatrician and Continua Kids, says that you can use this time properly by planning this lockdown properly. Himani says that you can plan your day like this

Waking up early: First of all, keep the routine as before and make a habit of getting up early in the morning. Watching the sunrise in the morning keeps you filled with positive energy for the whole day. At the same time plan for your whole day.

Exercise: Exercise must be included in the morning routine because, during this time, physical activity decreases when you are at home.

Balanced diet: During this time, keep your diet balanced. Try to eat healthily and avoid junk food. Eat so that you stay hydrated. Therefore, drink plenty of fluids.

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Determine study time – You can decide the time of the computer or online studies during the day. After this, give the remaining time to your hobbies, painting, handicraft, or any sports, etc. Do spend time with family, if you are alone then contact friends or family.

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