TheOneSpy Review – 100% Undetectable Android Phone Tracker App

TheOneSpy is one of the finest cell phone tracking apps letting users to track a phone with complete secrecy. The app allows tracking and controlling an android mobile phone without taking into possession. The targeted phone can be operated via web based control panel of TheOneSpy. The high-tech spyware app works in stealth mode without giving any hint to the target. The app icon can be concealed during installation. The target cannot find the app on his mobile phone even with the use of antivirus and scanning tools. In this article, we have reviewed this high-undetectable android phone tracker app. Read on to know more about this powerful cell phone monitoring solution.

TheOneSpy Android Tracker App

The cell phone tracker app TheOneSpy is specifically developed for families and businesses to keep an eye on digital activities of children and employees. The app empowers the end-user to take control of the phone without letting the possessor know. You can install the app on the targeted phone and operate it via web-based control panel. The possessor of the phone does not get any clue of a spy app installed on the phone. The app secretly accesses phone data and uploads to the online storage of TheOneSpy which is accessible only by the end-user. The app performs all functions with complete confidentiality.

How to Track a Phone with TheOneSpy

To track a phone you need to get it installed with the android monitoring software of TheOneSpy. If your mobile phone is compatible with the app, you can install it with the app. The compatibility criterion is discussed below. Once you subscribe the app, download and install it on the targeted phone that can be of your kids or employees. After installation, the app syncs particular data saved on the phone and uploads to the online portal from where you can retrieve it anytime.

Core Features of Android Spyware App

The android parental control app comes preloaded with several features enabling users to sneak into an android mobile phone or tablet with secrecy. We have reviewed here the core features of the undetectable spy app.

Find GPS Location

The android parental control app lets you find out whereabouts of your loved ones. You can get to know where exactly your kids are at the moment. The app shows current GPS location of their android phones. It also notifies you if the object enters and exit the forbidden area.

Screen Recording

The real-time cell phone activities of the target can be witnessed and recorded with screen recording. If you want to see what your kid is doing on the phone, you can send command for screen recording to see and capture real-time phone activities.

Call Recording

Are you suspicious about lengthy phone calls of your teenager? The spy solution for android devices lets you listen to the phone calls of your loved ones without accessing their phones. It records all calls and uploads these calls and call logs to the online portal from where you can retrieve them anytime.

SMS Tracking

The texting behavior of kids can be supervised with the parental control app. It gets access to incoming and outgoing text messages and creates online backup of these messages by uploading them to the online storage of TheOneSpy. The end-user of the spy app can access the backup anytime.

Watch Out Social Media

The popular social media apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr can be monitored with android surveillance software. The app allows accessing chats, calls and posts made via commonly used social messengers and instant messaging apps.


The app offers on-demand screenshots to capture cell phone activities of someone else. You can send command to the targeted phone to take screenshots with a particular interval.

Retrieve Photos and Videos

The photos and videos saved on the targeted android phone can be viewed without accessing the device. The app uploads all media files to the online portal and allows retrieving deleted photos and videos as well.


The spy app secretly records all keystrokes containing passwords, chats and email addresses of the object.

Remote Control Apps

The parental control app allows blocking, installing and uninstalling mobile apps right from the online portal.


The cell phone monitoring solution of TheOneSpy supports all android phones running the Android OS 5+. You can sue the app to secretly monitor any android mobile phone or tablet manufactured by Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, LG, HTC, Sony and many other smartphone manufacturers.  The standard version of the app runs on unrooted android devices and the premier version runs only on rooted phones.


TheOneSpy is one of the most inexpensive cell phone tracker apps providing high-tech features. The cost of the solution fluctuates with subscription period and package plan. The one-month subscription of the android surveillance app costs between $15 and $45. The standard version costs lesser than the premier version. This price is subject to change. Click here to get to know the latest price of the android tracker software.

What are Pros?

  • The app is undetectable and icon is concealable.
  • It is inexpensive as compared to other spying apps.
  • It supports multiple smartphone brands and networks.
  • Unlike other android spy apps, it runs on unrooted devices as well.
  • It allows recording real-time cell phone activities.
  • It offers surround recording by taking over camera and microphone.
  • The demo version of the app is available.

What are Cons?

  • The premier package runs only on rooted android phones.
  • There is no free trial version.
  • Physical possession of phone is required for app installation.

The Bottom Line

The android tracker app enables the end-user to track a phone with efficiency and secrecy. The possessor of the phone does not receive any notification or alert by the app. It is completely undetectable and a reliable app for cell phone tracking.  

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