All about how to open a dealership online


With the arrival of hybrid or simply green cars, all individuals, even the green ones, want to invest in a car today. This is all the more the case since consumer credit has fallen slightly in recent years. Opening an auto dealership online therefore seems like a good idea to make a quick buck. Here is what you need to know to do this.

Market research before you start

Like opening any other store, you need to get into market research before you start. This is particularly true of the success of your new activity. It is important to find your own identity to ensure better visibility. To do this, you must know the new vehicle trends and the new market conditions in the French market.

Which models are selling best? What are the different basic benefits to have? What are the chasms that constitute shortfalls for the competitor already present on the market? Every detail counts.

It is better to be a financial expert and an expert in the market to ensure the success of your market research. If this is not your case, we advise you to call on an accounting firm in Saint-Gilles. The latter will be able to support you at each stage of the realization of your project.

Create the status of your company

Of course, you must also create the status of your new business. It is all well and good to decide to open a concession, but will it be an LLC, an SA or a franchise, etc. ? The status may affect your social participation and your administrative obligations. So this is not a step that you should leave to chance. In addition, it is a mandatory document when declaring your company with the RCS, which is still a must despite the digitization of your activity.In addition to a lawyer specializing in business law, a professional accountant can help you with this.

Create your personalized and efficient website

As this is an online concession, you obviously have to get down to building a website. It must be a personalized platform in design and operation will adapt perfectly to the types of service you want to offer. For your site to be effective, exit the services of free site creation platforms, as easy and affordable as their service. Rather, entrust the work to professionals in the field. This will be the guarantee of having tailor-made, quality support, but also of having a unique and up-to-date site. If you contact an offshore agency in particular, the latter may also be responsible for referencing your site so that you can make a name for yourself on the market more quickly. SEO is indeed of great importance to be competitive on the web.


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