270 To Win Presidential Election

270 to win

“270 to Win Presidential Election” is the latest DVD by Richard Winning. It’s an excellent little video with lots of lessons on how to win the American People’s vote. Richard Winning has made a lot of good instructional videos and this one is no exception.

Recently, I’ve read a lot of Drudge Report material on the upcoming Presidential Election. It makes me crazy that we can’t find a sane, respectable conservative in our mass media. So many pundits, journalists, and politicians spout left-leaning political rhetoric and it really bugs me. It’s like they are shouting from the roof tops about something they really know nothing about.

As a former business person, I understand the need for branding and advertising. You have to stand out from the crowd to make a name or create a positive brand image. But too often, the voices of our conservative friends are drowned out by the liberal media trumpeting their political agenda and making it clear who the winners of the upcoming Presidential elections are. We hear about the so-called “moderate” candidates and wonder if they can win. The answer appears to be “No!”

In the United States we have the most divided government in over 100 years. We have citizens at the opposite end of the spectrum just looking for their own way out and a strong defense. Some want to take the country back to a time when we were a great melting pot; when everyone was equal and all Americans had the right to speak, act, and live as they pleased. Unfortunately, that was then and this is now; times have changed!

The mass media and political party machines are working very hard to keep us divided and it is working. Unfortunately, we cannot elect people based on party affiliation anymore. They simply cannot be bought. The average citizen has so many options; he/she should be able to vote for the candidate that shares his/her views, not based on who will sell him/her the most money.

Presidential Election 2024 Interactive Map

To win the 2024 presidential election, 27,270 votes will be cast. Click on States on this interactive map to predict your own 2024 elections. where you can Use the buttons on the map to share your forecast in to website.

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